you decide that this really isn't what you need right now, even if this angel was the only other person in this new, strange place.

they had extremely large wings, and... was generally just very large. no need to piss an angel off and get killed.

you quietly shut the door, going to step backwards, but instead of hitting solid ground, you fall.

you almost get the wind knocked out of you with how sudden the fall is, and once your whole body is falling, you brace for impact.

but the impact never comes.

left falling in a black abyss, you close your eyes again, tears falling freely.

you aren't sure if its because you're scared, or if the pressure all around you is just too much.

the chill sets in. you wished you talked to that dumb angel.

do you want your wish to come true?

you hear a voice, muffled and almost like it was coming out of a speaker. 'my wish...' anything is better than this.

"grant my wish."